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Relief Suppositories with CBD 8pack/800mg


100mg active CBD per suppository (8 suppositories)

Organic-certified fair trade cocoa butter
Sustainably-grown broad-spectrum hemp extract

The suppositories remain solid below 76°F, so keep them in a cool place to prevent melting.
Visit the restroom prior to insertion, and make sure your hands are clean.
To open the package, separate one shell from the rest, then gently peel the flat plastic tabs apart to reveal the suppository inside.
Menstrual Use
CBD can be most effective when cramping starts, or even before that, to help prevent runaway inflammation and pain.
If possible, create a peaceful environment for yourself and lay on your back in a comfortable position. Insert the suppository into your vagina as deeply as possible using a finger or a tampon applicator.
A cushion or pillow under your buttocks will help the CBD oil remain as close as possible to the tissue of your cervix and uterus. This yin-yoga position can also help release pelvic tension. Relax & enjoy for 10-20 minutes or longer if you are comfortable and have time.
After the oil has had time to absorb and you stand up again, some may still exit your body. This is normal, but you may want to use a panty liner or tampon.

Other Uses
CBD can create muscular relaxation and enhance tissue oxygenation, and as an adaptogen it can soothe chronic pain while enhancing pleasurable sensation.
Feel free to experiment with rectal application as well, inserting as deeply as possible.