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Intimacy Suppositories with CBD 4pack/200mg


Foria’s Intimacy formulas use the timeless power of plants to awaken arousal & deepen sensual pleasure — solo or with a partner. Our Intimacy CBD Suppositories are designed to help ease tension and elevate erotic enjoyment with the soothing & activating effects of our broad-spectrum hemp extract. Insert, relax, and enjoy!

50mg active CBD per suppository (4 suppositories)
Ingredients: Organic-certified fair trade cocoa butter, Sustainably-grown broad-spectrum hemp extract
The suppositories remain solid below 76°F.
To open the package, separate one shell from the rest, then gently peel the flat plastic tabs apart to reveal the suppository inside.

Pre-Sex: To enhance arousal, or to ease discomfort or tension during intercourse, insert 30-60 minutes before foreplay. Pairs deliciously with Foria Awaken arousal oil.
Post-Sex: To soothe soreness or muscle fatigue, insert after intercourse and leave in for full absorption.
Menopause: Experiment with regular or even daily use to enhance tissue oxygenation and soothe discomfort.
Rectal Use: Insert 15-30 minutes before erotic anal play.